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Think BIG. Act small

The goal is health! But it’s hard to get there over night. The most success will come from small, sustainable changes - Little Tiny Action Steps.

A friend recently got results from functional medicine lab work and called me overwhelmed with all of the recommended lifestyle changes by his doctor. The recommendations didn't phase me- I already do most of them and so do most health/wellness people. He was shocked and couldn't understand how I "suddenly" started doing all of this. I explained that it was definitely not sudden! I didn’t even realize that I do so many of the things on his list! They’ve become “normal” to me because I didn’t start doing them all overnight. I’ve gradually built up to this lifestyle with the ultimate goal of health- both physical and mental.

In order to heal, it is essential we create healthy habits- both physical and mental. These seemingly small changes will ultimately lead to change that will last. I’m not only talking about physically healthy things like getting sunlight and dry brushing by the way. This also applies to changes in our mental state and thoughts.

We learn about this “aha” moment in therapy, but that doesn’t always happen. Of course, clients have moments of clarity during specific sessions, but the real progress is evident when they compare who they are today to who they were when they first started psychotherapy.

Some of the lifestyle tips suggested in therapy seem unrelated to the presenting problem of depression or anxiety (ex: sunlight for mental health), but just do it and see what happens. In order to change how you feel, you need to make changes 😉

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