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Mental health depends on brain health.

Brain health depends on overall physical health. 


Super Health Food

Nutritional Psychology is a tool I incorporate in my clients' therapy sessions in addition to CBT and other strategies. I believe educating my clients about the food-mood connection is key in order to empower them to make their own decisions to improve their health. 

One of the main ways diet can improve mental health is by addressing gut health. Inflammation in our body can lead to symptoms such as depression and anxiety. The goal is to reduce inflammation and heal our guts in order to feel more energized, motivated, improve sleep, and improved MOOD. 

Sometimes, simply changing our diets is not enough as there might be an underlying medical condition contributing to your symptoms. If diet and lifestyle changes are not enough, I work collaboratively with functional medicine providers so that my clients get the care they need to feel better.

Check out my interview about Nutritional Psychology in this article!

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